Powershell automation for centrasite tool

Hi There,

I am looking to automate few activities on centrasite through powershell
Search for virtual service
Get into the processing step of virtual service xxxxxx
Within this use specified credentials of Endpoint in Routing protocols - Save -
Even please do let me know is there any feasibility for the automation or any other requirement details if you required.

Thanks in advance


Hi Shivashankar,

CentraSite offers different means of communication. There are GUIs (CentraSite BusinessUI and Eclipse Plugin), a command line interface (CentraSiteCommand), a Java API, etc. W.r.t. Powershell, I expect that a commandline interface, rsp. CentraSiteCommand, is what is most applicable. CentraSiteCommand offers, among others, service deployment and undeployment.