Posting nonXML content to TN IS Services

This topic have been discussed earlier also as i can see in earlier threads. Still I am having some basic doubts which encouraged to start this thread again.
My requirement is to post non-XML content to TN / IS Services

Based on the ezines articles on the same subject…some of my basic queries are as follows:

  1. Is it possible to post non-XML content to TN, if we applied custom Content handler concept.
  2. How can I implement Customer Handler in IS ( Can you plz tell me step vise )
  3. If suppose I post nonXML data to IS service …What will be the starting flow step if I use Customer Handler ???
  4. Does the flat file posting to TN / IS can`t be handle using the basic IS Services which parse/handle the flat file

Let me know if I am not clear enough in putting my questions

Hi Deepak,

I am not sure what version of IS your are using. I can tell the way IS 4.6 and above works. When xml document receives in IS it goes to default handler, which is xml content handler and it will generate node.
If you are receiving a non xml document, then it goes to other common content handler. So, you don’t need to write a content handler for that. What you need to do is, on your receiving service create a variable “contentStream” of type object as a input then you should be able to receive the any content which is not xml document.

Let me know if it you have any questions.

Hi srujan,

I am using 6.0 version … See I might need to have content handler because processing the custom data format through IS flow steps might be difficult.
One more thing can i post nonXML data to TN as per earlier discussion on this topic Rob has suggested to channel every hit through TN … I am little bit confused how to post non XML data to TN

Rob expecting your comments on it …


Hi Deepak,

You can do that in both ways (either IS flow steps which i was mentioned earlier) or via TN directly. If you want to directly submit to TN, in that case also you dont need to write handlers. You have have to define the non xml document schema format in the TN documenttype. Refer to readme.txt file in the WmTn package and search for Flat File Documents(7.5.2), it explain how to do that.

Let me know if you have any questions.