Possible to Have Multiple urls for 1 Gateway Server


I am trying to setup my Gateway Server to be able to accept requests for multiple URLs. Our company has many diverse brands, so we would like our customers to be able to hit a url that is specific to the brand they are buying from.



Customer A orders from brandOne, so they should be able to hit a service on https://b2b.brandOne.com
Customer B orders from brandTwo, so they should be able to hit a service on https://b2b.brandTwo.com

I have added all of my certs to my keystore, however, when I configure the External port I am only allowed to specify one alias.

Any help would be appreciated.

Version: webMethods 9.9

I am trying to understand your use case better. Where exactly you mean, you were able to add just one external port entry?

b2b.brandOne.com, b2b.brandTwo.com, b2b.brandThree.com are three different DNS which must resolve to a specific VIP addresses.