Portlets as Tabs

I have a set of unrelated portlets I would like to show on a page, one at a time selected by a tab.

I have tried the method of creating another view with toggle tabs and hidden panels, but that requires me to modify the application every time I want to add another portlet.

I have seen that when I create a page/folder in MWS, placing multiple portlets on it, I can specify “tabs” in the “Portlet View” property, but have not been able to see the portlets on the page displayed as selectable tabs.

Is this possible?

Perhaps you could use the List of Links portlet in the Shell? So, instead of navigating from portlet to portlet within a portlet, just make the List of Links part of the navigation (header shell section or left-nav shell section for instance).

The List of Links portlet can be configured to display tabs, and the contents of each tab can be a different portlet in a folder. For more information on the List of Links portlet, please the My webMethods Server Portlet Reference Document.