Portlet parameters - render and action


I’m trying to pass portlet parameters and execute an action in the following way. Can anyone help me to figure what’s wrong?

I have a portlet A. There, a Portlet Simple link with a child Extended Portlet Url where I define the base URL (portlet B) and set type “action”*. Then, this, also has a child Extended Portlet Url where I define: type render, portlet (portlet B), the target action and the target view. This Extended Portlet Url has a child Extended Portlet Parameter param1.

Now on portlet B, I try to access param1 via this expression: #{param[‘param1’]}

With this settings, it doesn’t show param1 value when clicking on the link. But if I change on the first* Extended Portlet Url the type to “render” it will show param1 value! But will not run the action…

This is on MWS 9.5