Portlet / My webMethods 7.1

Hi …
Sorry… I’m bit new…

Is there any way to get the code in designer from the portlet from my webMethods Admin page or from MWS ?

I mean, we do publish portlet to MWS. Is there any way to get the portlet from MWS to designer…

Pl help…



How are you publishing portlet to MWS?? if you are talking about portlet code, you can see it from navigator view in designer.


Hi Shahid,

Thanks for your quick reply.

My question is how to get the code of a portlet already exists on MWS/My webMethods (sysadmin) page which was deployed/published on remote MWS by some other user/developer.

For more clarification, I’ll tell in simple way… When we complie a java file a classfile will be generated. My question is like … how to get the java file from a class file.(Ans is by decomplie tool we can get the java file).

Pl let me know, if you need any other info.


Get the war file from the Deployed System, this is nothing but a webapplication and setup this on designer.