Portlet Include woes

Hi all

Including a portlet seems quite hard to get right. For example: I have a portlet that works perfectly, with a button that calls a web service as the very first thing it does.

When I Portlet Include that into another portlet, the button now does nothing. It’s included from another portlet in the same project, so the ws- properties are all the same.

Any ideas? Any other pitfalls to watch out for and other tips when including portlets?


That sounds like a classic case of nested tags in the rendered html.

Nested forms are not allowed in html, so if the included portlet renders an html form, make sure the parent portlet does not include that portlet inside of another form.

To prevent nested forms, either move the ‘portlet include’ control outside of any other form controls, or change the outer form control in your parent portlet to use a ‘Disjoint Form’ control instead of a ‘Form’ control.

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Oh thank goodness! Yes, that was it.

Sorry for such a rookie problem; my only defence is due to visa and other woes, I haven’t done much webMethods in anger in 5 months.

Cheers :slight_smile: