Portal state is shared across different user. portal v6.5

The state of the portal is getting shared across different user.

I have used dataQuery option for executing the query.

Say User 1 executes a query with some value, and see the results. When User B logs in to the portal, it can see the results of the user1.

That means, the same session is being across all the user.

I have the portal page in the public folder. Is that the reason of sharing the same session across all the users.

Kindly let me know the problem with this.


Could you please try to disable caching for this portlet by settings its “Data Cache Age” property and check if this fixes a problem.

I had alreaDY set the “Data Cache Age” property to “0”. I forgot to mention in my error posting.

That is strange. To help us identify the problem, could you please provide more details on how to repro the problem:

  • does your query use any parameters
  • how do results of the query differ (or should differ) depending on the users logged in e.g. I suppose that something unique to the user should be passed to the query - how do you implement that.

Yes, it executes a simple query depending on the date. eg;
select * from table where date_start = getdate…