Portal Server first impresssions

Has anyone had a chance to use the new webMethods Portal on a project to any degree? If so, please share your experiences here.


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We are in the process of evaluating the new webMethods Portal and I must say that I do not find many “success stories” on the internet.
Is anyone using the webMethods portal?



As I’m sure you know, the webMethods Portal was purchased from Netegrity last October. The process of bringing it into the webMethods fold has been going well, IMHO.

That process involves implementing tight integration between Portal and other WM products such as Integration Server, updating the documentation and building out tutorials and training materials. Tech Support and Professional Services are also ramping up. I have seen the initial results of all of the above and am pleased with what I’ve seen and experienced.

The webMethods Advantage Forum has been fairly active and might be the best source of project experience information so far.

If you want to ask specific questions here and not troll for negative reports, regsiter as a member and fire away.


webMethods announced the release of webMethods Portal 6.1.5 into General Availability today, July 19, 2004.

You can read about the new features and capabilities on Advantage. (Registration required).