Portal Navigation link(s) and UI Level Validation


I’ve in my portlets 4 views


To navigate between the Portal views I use a command button/link with an Action method that returns the name of the view. For eg: I’ve

Figured it myself

I’ve used an Extended Portlet URL and navigated to the view I want to go.


How to navigate + pass input values between views on the same Portlet?

I have 2 views : View A and View B on a Portlet. View A has an input text field and a command button. View B has an output text control. On clicking this button, i should go to View B and i should see the value that i entered on View A’s textfield.

How can i achieve this using an Extended Portlet URL control?

Sudheer, can you help me how did you achive this using Extended Portlet url control?

Appreciate you in advance