[Portal 6.5.2] Unable to assign an alias to a page


I’ve got a problem while re-creating a page that host a portlet through the portal administration interface.

Indeed, I removed the portlet and its related page. Then, I re-deployed the portlet and re-created the page. In the page’s properties, a name and an alias were assigned but during properties’ validation, the error below appears:

2009-01-07 13:15:40 GMT (portlet : WARN) [RID:18] - [POP.002.0095] Unable to create alias: /changepassword because it already exists.

Where is the alias stored?
How can I remove properly a page and all its references from the environment?

For more information about the issue and the detailed scenario that leaded up to the error, you should go through the attachment.

Thanks for help.
scenario.doc (255 KB)

I met the same issue in webMethods 8.0.2, the issue was caused by delete the portlet in correctly way, you should remove the alias in the portlet before delete the portlet.
Resolution:Alias will be store in table ‘TBLCACHEHASH’, you can delete the alias, then restart MWS.