Populating Salesforce sObject from flow services fro communication with Salesforce via WSC

As part of the TLS upgrade we are replatforming an existing web service to web methods.

I have created a WSC using the salesforce partner WSDL. I have negotiated a number of the web service calls to gather information from Salesforce (query).

The process of sending information to Salesforce is negotiated using the generic salesforce sObject. Using this object you can post a variety of information to Salesforce.

The WSDL refers to the . By creating the WSC using Lax content model compliance this creates a document under the WSC referring to the field *any.

Based upon extensive checking here and elsewhere it should be possible to populate this object with a type then with other data.

If I create my data in a list of Qnames and either try to assign this to the any field, or try to create a custom object based upon the actual document but with my list of Qnames these fail web methods own schema checking and the message isn’t sent.

It feels like though the WSDL contains this lax reference, and the WSC is created using this compliance, more rigourous schema checking is performed.

Typically I see errors such as

[ISS.0088.9138] Input parameters do not conform to targetInputSignature:
errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9026] Undefined Object found

although this same error is shown relative to custom fields supplied in a hybrid object .

Has anyone coped with this object successfully outside of a cloudstream adapter scenario?

Any help very much appreciated :smiley: