POP3 unable to log into account

Hello there,

I am trying to setup a pop3 listener on IS6.5, Updates IS_6-5_SP2_Core_Fix6
IS_6-5_SP2, build 395. It seem so easy reading admin guide.

We have a separate pop3 server just for this purpose with one (for now) e-mail account - webdev. I can connect, send and receive messages using MS Outlook and Outlook express. The service is running in completely different bulding - it is not run localy on one machine.

While trying to enable the port (webdev@servername) I always get an error message:[INDENT][ISS.0070.0021] Failed to start EmailListener:pop3:webdev@servername: [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account webdev@servername
[/INDENT]Pop3 is using SPA (company policy). I am using the same settings as for MS Outlook or Outlook Express.

What am I missing? Could SPA cause the problem? Could I be missing an update on IS. So far I was only able to find articles advising reading admin guide.

Thanks in advance for any advise given