Pooled Connection already closed?

We’re currently using Tamino 4.2 in combination with the TaminoAPI4J v4.2.1.0 and sometimes we encounter a message that a Pooled Connection is already closed:

com.softwareag.common.instrumentation.contract.ViolatedPrecondition: Violated Precondition: Pooled Connection already closed!
at com.softwareag.common.instrumentation.contract.Precondition.check(Unknown Source)
at com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.connection.TPooledConnection.newXMLObjectAccessor(Unknown Source)
at com.atosorigin.xcone.data.dao.tamino.TJDOMDAO.getAccessor(TJDOMDAO.java:43)

How is this possible? The API says if you close a connection you obtained from the pool, the connection will be returned to the pool. So, it seems to me there is no way we - from a programmer point of view - can actually truely close the connection, right?

Does anyone know how this problem can occur and what a proper solution would be? Many thanks in advance!

Michel de Blok

Hi Michel,
I am suffering the same problem. Do you found any solution to the problem!

Thank you in advance!