Policy enforcement for the Web Service in 7.1.2

Is there any way I can pass the username tokens through WS-Security header without enforcing the policy in wM 7.1.2.

I am exploring one of the scenarios where we may need to write a pass through web service which needs to just pass the username tokens from the consumer to the provider without doing authentication against the username tokens inside wM.

If I select WS - Security handler in WSD to receive the WS Security header then it expects a policy to get associated with it and also trying to authenticate when the request is received.

Is there any work around?



webMethods 7.1.2 we can write some custom header handlers using built in services ( pub.soap.handler ).I also written handler which validates the username tokens. Also refer the sample WmServiceUserHandler, which is available at advantage.webemthods.com.

-V S Pachica.