Plssss Help new to Webmethods

Hi friends
I m new to webmethods and workflows…while configurating the workflow after installling it…one of the page says specify database information…which database should we give ?? is it the one which the workflow server is connected to? or the database on my machine ,also after installing and configurating …if i wanna create a new task…using workflow how can i do that…how do i have to start the workflow server then connect the client…i hav to solve some issues in workflow which is in production…plssss help

Read the Workflow section of the webMethods Fabric 6.5 Installation Guide before attempting an installation. Workflow requires several database tables and objects that must be installed first using directions found in the installation guide.


where can i find webMethods Fabric 6.5 Installation Guide ?

All webMethods product documentation can be downloaded from webMethods Advantage.