What is the username and pass for PlatformImpl()
I am getting error as Invalid Credentials

Hi @vaibhavi_ghumare ,

I would strongly suggest to not use the code this way, as you would hardcode credentials into the code and do not use the SDK properly, hence loosing all the convenience and benefits the SDK provides for microservice development.
Please follow e.g. the knowledge base article on starting a microservice project:

This also includes using the microservice bootstrap user (Microservice SDK for Java - Cumulocity IoT Guides) and using a dev profile like “” and use the bootstrap user credentials within this file.

P.S.: In latest versions the PlatformImpl class cannot be used directly anyway anymore, hence you should follow the Spring Boot Bean injection principles to use the SDK and its beans, e.g. just inject “InventoryApi” instead of using the “PlatformImpl” class.

Regards Kai

Kai Sieben

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