Pip3B18 attachment not present upon automatic retry after timeout of ack step


I have a peculiar problem.I have a Pip3B18 flow.A part of the flow is given as under.

–>020a-Transform Canonical to Pip3B18–>030a-Send 3B18 to partner–>
040a-Wait for Ack–>

Needless to say input to 040a step comes from the partner.
At the 020a step Pip 3B18 document is formed and 2 pdf attachments are added to it using the addAttachment service(RNIF 2.0).

We have a timeout on the 040a step.Upon timeout control of the flow goes back to 030a step and the pip3B18 is resend again.This retry mechanism can happen a maximum of 3 times after which the flow fails.
For a particular instance when the pip3B18 document is send for the first time to partner we have the 2 attachements in it but upon retry or subsequent retries the pdfs are lost from the pip3B18 document.

The sie of the pip w/o the pdfs is around 15kb while upon addition of pdf the size increases beyond 75kb.

How is it possible that the same document loses the attachment upon retry?Is there any way we can persist the pdf documents in the pip3B18?

Thanks for any help,

Does it happen everytime flow goes into error or with some particular error?

No there is no error message…just the pdf goes missing from the pip3B18 document upon automatic retry set in the business process…


RNO Attachment header has a Content-Disposition field. So when the Attachment header is viewed through TN, is the Content Disposition field is visible ? Also in the case of retries scenario?