PIP import

Hi All,

I have downloded Pip3A8vV01_02.par from webMethods download site and I put this in wmRosettaNet/import folder. I have go to the RosettaNet webbrowser and click the Moduler PIP Import, but I didn’t found the PIP file there. Now I am working on 6.5 version.

Pls any one help, how can I import this PIP ?

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can you tell me from where did you get the PAR file in webMethods. I have User Id and Password. Can you send me the link to download.


Modular PIP Import option is used when you have the zip file with XSD for the PIP. To import the par file, use the PIP Import option - here you will see all the par files from the import folder.

HTH, Rohit

Place the Par file in WmRnSample/data directory.You will be able to see in PIP Import from web browser.

Hi Team,

Am using RN 7.1.2 and IS 9.8. Am facing an issue while importing PIP3B2 V11.01 message using modular import. It seems WmPIPTools package few services(pip,util, etc…) are deprecated in 7.1.2 but parent services are not updated.

Can you please help me how to fix this issue ?

Where I can get the depreciated services information and what is the work around in this case from SAG documentation ?