Pick the files from remote server and parse the data, get some data from Database

Hi Gurus,

Pick the files using IS from remote server and parse the data, get some somemore data from Database , write to flat file and tranfer to another server.

What is the best possible options to do it in near real time.


FTP built-in service
flat file adapter
JDBC adadapter
flat file adapter (again)
FTP built-in service (again)

All covered nicely in the documentation.

Thanks Mark,

The only concern i have is, does it able to transfer about 8 to 9 thousand files(not large files though, about 4k size ) and using the Scheduler to run for every couple of seconds.


To what does “it” refer? IntegrationServer? Well, not if you run it on a laptop and a low-speed network.

You have not provided enough information to make an informed guess much less a recommendation.

Hi WMRAM, your information is too short like Mark told you, but in case your company have all in great conditions to implement it I suggest you process the files in batches.

Thanks Mark and Asolazzi for your Info, I understand you didn’t had much details.

Now actually We can’t use the plain FTP , because of Security concerns.

Another thing is they don’t want us process the files , getting the data from database and appending to the files.

They just want to transfer the files from one server to another server Using IS, it is all within our network and they want to have it transferred it near real time.

Just for transferring files , i don’t see IS is the best option.

Can you please throw some ideas , if i am wrong on this.

We are Using 6.1(process of going to 7.1.2) and i can say server have good amount of memory(RAM,CPU, HD)

Hi, if you don´t need to check, validate or modify the data in the process, just have to take the files from a source server and move to a destination server, I don´t see use the IS to that, that just will consume resources.
If I where you I wait for a Mark response, he is a master, he can suggest something smart.