Persisting the Business Data between sessions


I need to persist the business data changed through a task detail form between sessions.

The scenario is that for a task instance, one user may be able to accept the task, change some of the fields in the business data and then return the task to the inbox. Other users should be able to open the task instance and see the data changed.

There is a way to implement this out of the box ?


User can accept a task, work on it, then update some data and unaccept it so other users can pick and work on the same task. It is also possible to allow multiple users to accept a task at the same time.

Do any of these approaches help you, or do you have something else in mind.



I already put in place this functionality. The problem I find is that if a user changes data (business data) through a view, that changes are not persisted and are gone after he returns the task instance to the inbox and logs out.

I need to persist the changes between sessions, so if another users accept the same task instance he can see the changes done by the 1st.

An example:

In my business data there is a comment text field where each people dealing with the task can put comments. If user A writes something in that fields and then returns the task instance to the inbox (using unacceptTask()). Then user B accepts the same taks instance, the comments by user A are gone. I will need to persist all the business data between sessions.


I found the problem. I need to add the applyChanges() method of the TaskClientProvider to commit the changes.