Persisting Session Beans Question

Hello all, I have a question regarding the behavior of managed beans in 8.2. I realize that if you have two different projects with two different portlets and you create a session managed bean(String) in portlet A(and set the value) and navigate to portlet B then back to A the value does not persist because these are in different projects(due to the JSR 168 limitations).
BUT I have created a blank web service in the IS with an output of a string. I created a session managed bean in portlet A and set the value in the java source code. NOW If I go to portlet B and back again the value DOES persist. So my question is why does this behavior happen? Is there something different that happens when creating a managed bean based off the returned web service output class?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

That’s weird. Are you sure it’s not just that the web service is refreshing each time?

Maybe try this:

  1. Go to portlet A, note the value returned by the web service.
  2. Go to portlet B.
  3. Change the output of the web service in IS.
  4. Go back to portlet A. Do you see the old value or the new one?