Persistent queue and statitics file

We ran into a situation where the Broker-pers grows so fast and cause the broker to shut down because it cannot allocate anymore space within the file system. We have allocate 150 MB for all three data files. Appearently it’s not enough for the Production environment. We have these files backup every night and then delete the Broker-pers file.
I know that it’s a good practice to delete the Borker-pers file, I need suggestions/input for a better way to handle this situation.
How big of a space should we allocate to the data files (volume is low at this point)?

The reason for the Broker-pers to grow faster than usual is due to use of Document Types and Client Groups. Creating them as Persistent storage instead of Guaranteed or Volatile causes this problem.

Going forward with newer versions of Enterprise Server, the storage type is either volatile of guaranteed.

Make sure that none of the Client Groups and Document Types have been defined as persistent.

This should solve your problem.

To understand more about how storage type works, please read the Admin Analysis Guide, Chapter 3 - Setting up Client Groups and read section on Client Queue Storage versus Document Type Storage.

Thanks Sharath. If I change the storage type to volatile , the document will not be recovered when there is an outage. The customer does not want that to happen.

The need to have documents as Volatile is dependent on the business requirement as also based on the design of your integrations.

If your customer does not want it, then you will have to define all the documents as guaranteed.