Persist Document on Broker

My entire processes involve publishing the document to the Broker .
There will be Subscribing service will process the document .Subscription service will Place the document on MQ System (via MQ adapter using PUT Adapter Service)

I have a scenario where if MQ is down for some reason. Then the subscriptions service will fail. As we can continue publishing the documents . In this case MQ is down our Subscriptions service keep failing.

My question is how to persist the document so that it can be resubmitted
Once MQ is back up and running. Because customer doesn?t want to resent those documents again.

Is there any Trigger configuration so that document can be persist or
Can we persist the document in Broker If we can how can we do it?

Is there any other method to persistence in the documents and once MQ is up we can re process all the failed documents.

The components I am using is IS 6.5 ,Broker & MQ Adapter 6.0

Any help is highly appreciated.


Search these forums for “throwExceptionOnRetry”. Lots of good info there.