Permission denied exception


I want to post some data from a server to IS. I am writing a script for this and using wget to invoke a url(a service at wM developer) and do http post.

For this i defined a simple service at Developer with a output variable, which has pub.flow.debugLog to display a simple message on server log upon successful invocation and a map step which returns a constant as output, set up all ACLs for the service and package to ‘Anonymous’.

command:wget --post-data=300 [url][/url]

I can see the service getting successfully executed with my message on server log, but i am getting the below mentioned exception:

A–14:35:41-- [url][/url]
Connecting to||:5555… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 129 [text/html]
Sample_Package:httpInvoke: Permission denied

Cannot write to `Sample_Package:httpInvoke’ (Permission denied).

Could any one let me know how to resolve this and take the string as input to webMethods IS ?