Periodic Group

Periodic group is the same OCCURS in COBOL ?

More or less, both MUs and PEs are repeating elements,
like an array defined with an OCCURS clause in COBOL.

So MU and PEs

where I define how often they will be repeated?

Essentially in the Format Buffer, in Natural this is generated from the VIEW definition.

is very dynamic ?

no limit to use,

depends how i use in view/natural.

The number of occurrences on a specific record is controlled by the programmer (thru the count in the view), but Natural enforces Adabas’ maximum of 191. This maximum can be lifted with newer versions of Adabas, but only by the DBA (in this case, that’s you, too). For erxample, take a look at the MUPE_C_L parameter of the ADACMP utility.

i will see.