Performance using cluster enviornment

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[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Can any one help me to understand how performance is impacted when we go cluster and non cluster environment. Which environment is preferred to again good performance?

Can any one suggest some tips to again performance?


Which wM components are you looking for information about clustering? Each of the products has differing approaches to clustering. IS, for example, can be clustered in several ways.

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My question - If I use single node I am able to process 5 msg per sec If I use multiple node (2 nodes or 3 nodes)(IS Clustering) do I can process more msgs - 5 to 8 or 10 or 12.


Note that IS clustering does not provide load balancing. So you’d need to direct your traffic amongst the 2 or 3 nodes in some way.

The performance increase of additional nodes depends on a number of factors. How all the components in the solution are configured. What the integrations are doing. There isn’t really a rule of thumb that indicates how much more work can be done by adding another IS instance.

I’d advise that you study the IS cluster documentation and get a good understanding of what IS clustering does and does not do. It is common for people to assume that there is more capability built-in than is really there.

A year or so back, there was a thread on “IS clustering to be avoided”. Many of the items there still apply.

A load balancing cluster is probably sufficient for most needs, and that doesn’t require IS clustering though you may want it for some functions (scheduled tasks, for example). A Broker client cluster can also be useful, where multiple IS instances connect to the same Broker and a queues (IS clustering not required for this either).


I agree with Rob…a load balancing cluster and Broker client cluster can suffice most needs and throughput / performance needs!