Perform Operations into a database from developer webmethods v46

Hi everybody!
I’ve started working with Webmethods v4.6 this week and I’ve found lot of troubles just in the installation and initial configuration of the JDBC adapter.
My question, as you will notice my knowledge of the product is limited, is this: How can i perform simple operations (delete, insert, update) into a database which I have configured in the Integration Server?
We have tried to do it with the services included on the package pub.db, but it hasn’t worked.
Thanks in advance!

You can first setup the database aliases using the webmethods administrator console. Then you can just use the pub.db:execSQL to do the delete, insert, update operations.

Do you have a database alias setup?

Yes, we have set up the corresponding database alias on the Integration Server.

Then try the execSQL step with the $dbAlias value as database name, the sql in the $dbSQL field, any values to be substituted in the query in $dbParamNames field and the datatype in the $dbParamTypes field.

eg: select * from emp where empid = ‘101’
This query is to be executed in the database Employee

$dbAlias = Employee
$dbSQL = select * from emp where empid = ?
$dbParamNames = Name of the empid field in your pipeline. you can hardcode the value as 101 for testing.
$dbParamTypes = numeric (you can leave this field blank)

You can refer the User Guide too. Thanks