PeopleSoft Adapter 20 canbt generate service for Component Interface

I’m using Business Connector with the PeopleSoft Adapter 2.0 (PIA).
The PeopleSoft system has the following specifications:

  • PeopleSoft 8.3
  • PeopleTools 8.17.09

In de PeopleSoft PIA Adapter Administration i’ve set up a connection pool and an alias. The alias testing performs successfully.

In the service generation section i can fetch the list of component interfaces. But when clicking a component interface to generate a service i get the error message “Error Occured Try Again”.
Besides, the integration server produces the following messages:

Error Pending: true
Warning Pending: false
Source: null
Text: Cannot find Component Interface {name component interface} (91,2)

Does someone has experience with this problem? Help will be welcome.


P. Hoang

We don’t have the exact same configuration as you do but the error seems to indicate that the adapter can not find the component interface object.
We use PeopleSoft PIA Edition 4.6. and are on PeopleTools 8.18.06. We build Java APIs, so our context is java on AIX UNIX for the PeopleSoft application server that talks to the PS Jolt port.

  1. Make sure that you have built the API from PeopleSoft’s appdesigner tool.
  2. Make sure that the *.java files that PeopleTools generate are compiled into classes that the adapter can pickup, and security is such that they class files can be read by the userid running the adapter. (You may need to FTP them from a local machine to where you are running PeopleSoft’s application server?)
  3. Insure that you have the Adapter classpath pointing correctly to where the class files reside. (eg. your classpath should be similar to:

Hope this helps you !

I’ve performed the steps above and i get new error messages:

java.lang.NullPointerException: PSProperties not loaded from file
Error Pending: true
Warning Pending: true
Source : null
Text : Not Authorized (90,6)
Explain Text :
Source : null
Text : Failed to execute PSSession request
Explain Text :
Source : null
Text : Cannot find Component Interface {PeopleSoft.Generated.CompIntf c.COUNTRY} (91,2)

Hope you can help me again.

You need to enable PeopleSoft Security to run the CI. The userid that
runs your adapter needs to be defined in the PS Security Administrator.
You can also uncover these types of problems by using the PeopleSoft
Test Harness Tool.
Your error is not in webMethods but in PeopleSoft Security.
Looks like you are close to gettting it to work… good luck!
– (We were told to ignore PSProperties not loaded from file… that shows up in trace logs)

It seems that i made a mistake. The name for the Component Interface (CI) is case sensitive and if i fill in a non-existing CI the integration server gives the same message as the last post. If I give up an existing CI like COUNTRY, it produces the error message like the first one in the thread.
Furthermore the userid/login has been defined correctly for the one that is used by the PS-adapter (userid with administration rights). So I think this is not the problem.
Is there maybe another issue inside the PS-system that can block the PS-adapter from approaching the CI’s?

The userid running the adapter needs to be tied to the proper PeopleSoft OPRID and then tied to the correct permission lists. The CI is tied to the appropriate permisson list via PeopleSoft Sec. Admin.
Maintain Security --> Use --> Permission Lists
You may need to add a row and then select your CI name. Click the PeopleSoft edit tab on the same page and allow full access.
Do we love 3rd party products yet ?

Gentlemen, I am about to embark into the world of PeopleSoft and I have a related question. I have Integration Platform 6.0.1 and my question is whether I should use the PeopleSoft Adapter 1.0 or the PeopleSoft PIA Adapter 2.0? Since this is a new platform / technology for PeopleSoft 8.x and the old PeopleSoft Adapter 1.0 Message Agent is not compatiable with the new PeopleSoft PIA Adaper 2.0, I am wondering if I should just begin my integrations with the new 2.0 adapter.

Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,

Better start creating your integrations with PSFT PIA 2.0. Can you tell me what version of Peoplesoft and People Tools you are using ?

Hi Hoang,

Try this…

  1. Make sure that you have built the API from PeopleSoft’s appdesigner tool.
  2. Copy your Component Interfaces generated .java files to the
    IntegrationServer_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.Compile all .java files from within the WmPeopleSoftPIA package.
  3. Copy your PeopleSoft system’s file to the
    IS_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.
    4)Copy your PeopleSoft system’s psjoa.jar file to the
    IS_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.


Thota, thanks!

Once I get the username and PeopleSoft information from their administrator, I will begin to follow your suggestions!

I will keep you all posted!


Joe, I remember that the PeopleSoft Message Agent is very buggy. Use the PIA Adapter if possible.



Thanks for the advise Wayne, I will start the install of the PIA adapter!



I would like to use adapter PIA V2 with webMethods 6.01.
Our configuration :

  • PeopleSoft 8.4
  • PeopleTools 8.42.08
  • webMethods 6.01 SP1 (under HP UX 11)

We’ve done the following steps :

  1. Built the API from PeopleSoft’s appdesigner tool.
  2. Copy Component Interfaces generated .java files (VNDR_ID) to the IntegrationServer_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.
  3. Compile all .java files from within the WmPeopleSoftPIA package.
  4. Copy PeopleSoft system’s file to the
    IS_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.
  5. Copy PeopleSoft system’s psjoa.jar file to the
    IS_Directory\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\jars directory.

But, we have an error when we try to use the Component Interface :
“Error Occured Try Again”.
Integration Server log : “Cannot find Component Interface”.

Someone can help us ?


Are you able to connect to the PeopleSoft Server?

Check whether you have following directory structure and also class files in CompIntfc directory.



Also, make sure that you have restarted the adapter and that the class files are readable with the proper permissions. For example in UNIX you may have to chmod/chown the files to the proper userid the PIA adapter uses.
Also make sure that whatever PeopleSoft ID you are using for the PIA Adapter has access to the PS CI from within PS Security admin tool. You can test that by logging into PeopleSoft using the Tester Tool in the AppDesigner with the proper PS userid. That is the best way I have found to test the API from the Appserver back thru to the database and it takes webMethods out of the equation for troubleshooting so you can determine if the CI in PeopleSoft is truly functional and has proper security permissions.


We are exactly in the same situation as JPS.
Getting “Cannot find Component Interface” when
trying to generate a service.

We are using PeopleTools 8.42 and webMethods 6.01.

We have done most of the suggestions including
compiling the classes and placing them in \IntegrationServer\packages\WmPeopleSoftPIA\code\classes\PeopleSoft\Generated\CompIntfc

A couple of questions:

I believe the class is still not found. R Negley
mentioned to setup the adapter classpath to point
to the directory where the classes reside but where
can you set the “adapter classpath”. It seems to
ignore our system classpath values.

On the other hand, is there any special way to
compile the .java files coming from the Peoplesoft’s
Appdesigner tool?

Thanks in advance for any light on this.

// Carlos

We are not exactly on the same environment since we are using Enterprise Server 5.0 and PIA Adapter 4.6 ADK 4.2.
The class path is found on the Java Tab of the Adapter configuration tool “ADD to CLASSPATH”. We are in the throws of converting to WM 6.01 Integration Server from our production 5.0 Enterprise Server Edition and I have not yet done a PeopleSoft adapter config. for 6.01.

To answer your question regarding compiling from the PeopleTools Appdesigner… The answer is no. PeopleSoft Tools do not compile the java source into class files. We discovered that you are on your own for that. PeopleSoft just creates the .java API wrappers from the AppDesigner tool.
Hope this is of some help. Good luck !!