PeopleSoft 8.0, 8.1, 8.4 Adapters

Does anybody knows, where can I download adapters for PeopleSoft 8.0, 8.1, 8.4 from ?

webMethods provides the following PeopleSoft Adapters:

Enterprise Adapters

webMethods Enterprise Adapter: PeopleSoft Edition v4.1.1: Supports PeopleTools 7.56, 7.58, 7.61, 8.0

webMethods Enterprise Adapter: PeopleSoft PIA Edition v4.6: Supports PeopleTools 8.17.04, 8.17.08, 8.18.05, 8.41.03

IS Adapters

webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter v1.0: Supports PeopleTools PeopleTool 7.5.4-7.5.8, 8.0

And planned for GA this quarter:

webMethods PeopleSoft PIA Adapter v2.0: Supports PeopleTools 8.17.4, 8.17.8, 8.18.05, 8.41.10, 8.42.02

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Are the adapters avialiable for downolad as a free evaluation software ? On the download page I can see only adapters for the earlier versions of PeopleSoft (up to 7.58). In case, they are aviliable could you provide me a link to the download page ?

Hi Don,

When will version 8.42.12 of Peopletools be supported?

// Carlos

Hello Carlos, we currently support all versions of 8.42.x.

Hi Don:
I can not find Peoplesoft Adapter v2.0 in download page, only v1.0 is available, where can I download v2.0 adapter?

You can download from Advantage site/Product downloads/webMethods 6.0.1