PDF handling to be sent in mail via SMTP

Hi team,

I have a query in pdf’ handling. We have password protected pdf which has to be attached in mailer and sent.

For normal pdf we read using the get file service, encode the same and attach in mail segment and send it which is working fine.

When we use the same for password protected pdf it is not working where the attachment when open in the mail is empty.

Is there way to handle this in flow services ? or should we go for Java service ?

Thanks in advance.

Ragav J

There is no built-in available you may have to go thru a custom Java Service and deal with the password protected files…unless any java functions are available in the JVM version that you are running.



I don’t understand :idea:
Even if it’s a password protected pdf, it can be open with getFile, no ?
The password is asked by the application that tries to “display” the document.

Or maybe I’m missing something…