Pbms with SOAP data using the SOAPHttp

Hi All,

I am trying to post the SOAP data using the SOAPHttp. Here are the steps i followed.

1.Created SoapData object
3.Finally posting the soap data using soapHTTP.

Before calling the soapHTTP,i am able to see the soapData with body with all contents in the resultpanel.But after the soapHTTP step,its failing to create the soapbody.
its giving the messege like this,

       <detail xmlns:webM="http://www.webMethods.com/2001/10/soap/encoding">

i got the soapStatus as 1.In the faultstring,it saying the doc is not exist.

Could anybody help me where i am going wrong?



The pub.client:soapHTTP works well. Be sure that you are mapping the soapData object that contains your message to the soapRequestData input of the soapHTTP service.


HI Mark,
yes…i am sure that,i have mapped the data from soapData to the soapRequestData.In that step soapHTTP only i am getting the error.Before this step,i am able to see the soapData in the body element.
After the soapHTTP step,i am getting the Error with soapStatus as 1.

Any suggestion will be appreciated


Please post your soap request as an attachment and we’ll have a look.

Hi Mark,

I am using webMethods 6.5 SP2 under windows 2003. We are trying to migrate from UNIX to Windows and I am testing a SOAP request with pub.client:soapHTTP which is working fine in development which is under HP-UX. But under windows, we are getting this error: java.lang.NullPointerException

Do you know what could cause the problem?
Are there any settings which must be done on the server before starting use SOAP?

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I have seen null pointer exceptions from the pub.client:soapHTTP service when invoking web service operations provided by .Net server over HTTPS. The trick was to upgrade to IS 6.5 SP2 (which you already have), populate the SOAPAction parameter and set the loadAs parameter to “ByteArrayStream”.

Not sure if that will help your situation.


had the same situation on 6.1 which we fixed by applying patch which enabled the loadas paramater. And once we used the ByteArrayStream as loadAs, we were going good…So most probably this should work for you aswell
hope it helps

I have open a ticket with webMethods support and they told me SP2 is creating the problem. They will release a fix this week…
Thank you all,

Had the same problem. Had to back out sp2 to get it to work until this week. Applied SP2 Fix 1 and it workd.