password management jdbc adapter

Researching on this issue for a week now,

currently admin manually enter db user, passwd, server, port details on jdbc adapter page for jdbc connection creation, and whenever passwd changes, admin needs to manually update.

this is the requirement, instead of entering all credentials & calling data source class, a custom proxy program should be called which will inturn call OracleDataSource (along with connection properties). how to add custom connection properties needed for proxy program? How IS works with custom properties?

Proxy program name can be entered in data source field of page or as a property (preferred way).
Currently using IS 8.2. Requirement is for Oracle but need for other DBs too.

Any one has done this before? Appreciate your response.

  • Tomcat jdbc configuration provides vendorFactoryClass, factory to point proxy program, unfortunatly IS doesn’t have a config xml.

Indeed a good requirement but did you ever explore the services in


See if this helps you in any way.

Use the services in WmART package.

for example you can use the to find all adapters registered on IS. Then you can use listAdapterConnections based on the adapter name and then use updateConnectionNode service to update the adapter connection to update its properties.

Also make sure that the adapter connection needs to be disabled before updating properties, so you need to handle that as part of your code itself.