Password for localhost:5555

where i can find the my local host :5555 pasword?
i didnt make any password for it but i need now…

Hello Mustafa KUCUK,

Below are the default username and password for the webMethods Integration server.

If you want change the above default password go to the integration server admin page–>click on user management tab–>there is a option like change the password.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Prem Sai

In addition to the above point, refer Integration Server Administration guide for IS administration and Designer Service development guide for using designer to build flow services. You can download the documentation from empower or tech community.

Hi thx a lot.
May i ask a question again ?
? did everything -->cloudstream tutorial but in my local host:5555 the providers is empty. How can i add salesforce to providers?
Thx alot


You have to download and install the cloud connectors. You will find it here. Seems like you are doing all the tutorials of SAG webMethods :lol:

Yep that is it required.

Mahesh, Thanks for the link and some how I had lost this sticky download link :frowning:


You are welcome RMG :slight_smile:

thx everyone i have provider now and i m very happy now. Thx a lot…

good luck with the exercises.

Mahesh, even i am looking for some webmethods tutorials on TN and BPM. When can i find them?


Unfortunately you will not find the tutorials specific to TN and BPM on this site but you can find it on internet.

For you to check explore and YouTube if you find some videos on BPM

Also you can explore the TN documentation and build your own tutorials to process XML and FF using TN.

Rahul, All wM documentation can be found on Empower SAG site (needs a login)!&origin=

As a side note you can google it and some direct links can you be found.


Additionally you can try this Community Link for the Documentation:

This one will work with the TechCommunity ID/Login, but you might need to request the access rights if they are not already granted.