Passing values from one portlet view to other portlet view


I have created a portlet application project and created 2 portlet views in the same. We are tying to pass values from one portlet view to other portlet view.

First portlet has item details and the same needs to passed to second portlet.

Can anyone please help on this. I am new to CAF development. I am using wM 9.9



This query belongs to MWS and CAF section, posting here will only delay the response.

For the question you posted.

There are many ways you can share data across different portlets.

If you are using include portlet, then Comtrol Params is the best option(depending on the requirement) .
You can update reference of the desired document. Right click on the document and Add → Reference, this will open a window which allows you share the reference across different portlet.