Passing user from portlet to IS flow service

Hi All,

I have a Flowservice exposed as a portlet in MWS.

When I invoke the portlet with any user in MWS , the flow service is getting invoked with Administrator user always.

Is there a way to make the flow service to get invoked by the same user who invokes the portlet?


Hi Mani,

I think this is because the communication between MWS and IS is done with a technical user (in you case the admin user).

It does not matter which user is logged in the CAF portlet, the username with which the IS call is made is the technical one.

Can you share what do you want to accomplish with this functionality?

Maybe there is another way.

Vlad Turian

The technical User can be assigned in the Portal Admin (SysAdmin) View under CAF Runtime Configuration.

But it is a static value and will not use the logged in to the portal/portlet.


Hi, I prefer to say that the flow service is exposed “in” the portlet instead “as a” portlet.

On the other hand, you can specify any user which has the proper rights access to execute the service. Like Holger says, CAF Application Runtime Configuration is a way to store the credentials as environment variables and the portlet can read these variables in real time.

Hope this help.

Best regards.


You can indeed call the service with the same exact user that is logged in to MWS. You simply need to change the wsclient-authMethod in the CAF Application Runtime Configuration. The value most commonly used for this purpose is 3, i.e. hybrid authentication.