passing public key or certificates through http service


My partner has given certificate for authentication their API along with credentials.

SSL certificates setup is done and there are no ssl issues.

I imported the certificate into trust store (I guess this is not the right approach) and just a trail. Anyhow this is not working finally.

Please let me know how to pass this public key in the http request.

Chandra K

Hi Chandra ,

Which type of SSL is your webservice provider expecting :

is it Two Way SSL with Basic Authentication ? or One way SSL with Basic Authentication ?

If it’s two way SSL then both Client and Server should validate each other based on their certificates .

If it’s one way SSL , only client needs to validate the server based on server certificate.

Please check with your webservice provider .

You can debug the SSL connection and find out exactly where is the issue ?

You can refer to the below link for debugging SSL connections on Integration Server.