Passing parameters from dsp page to a flow service

I have two scenarios here. Once I need to pass a hardcoded value to a service, this service will in turn return a list of values back to the page. Then, I need to select a few of these values and then pass it to another service as a string list.

Any suggestions how to execute that?

Thanks and regards,
Sudarshan Vyas

Hi Sudarshan,

All the variables that are present in your DSP will be automaticaly taken into the pipeline of the service that you are invoking. You can test it by saving the pipeline in the service getting executed from DSP. All the variables will appear as String and StringList as well.

And for your second, it is the vice versa, all the variables in the output pipeline will be transfered to DSP after execution which is under a limitation of scopes. To loop and to extract, there are wM tags available.

You can refer this guide for more information.
Dynamic Server Pages and Output Templates Developers Guide 65


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That was really helpful of you… Thanks a lot

You are welcome.


I have a scenario where i have to loop over string array output of a service and call second service inside the loop and pass the array iteration value to the second service. Second service is getting called but entire string array is getting passed to second service but not the iteration value. Below if my code. Please help.


%loop columnNames%

<th class="breadcrumb">%value columnNames%</th>

indexValue=%value columnNames%
var indexValue = '%value columnNames%';


	  %loop columnValues%
	  <tr><td class="breadcrumb"> %value columnValues%</td></tr>