Passing Multiple Rows of Values between DSP Page


I have a DSP Page that contains Multiple Rows of data pulled out from Database Table. Users is able to configure 2 columns (fields) in each rows.

Then, I need to update these multiple rows back into Database Table. How can I do this?

I have read through the DSP Page User Manual, passing SINGLE value (one value per variables, not an array variable) between DSP Page is possible. The User Manual also discuss on how to get Array Variables from invoking IS Flow Service. BUT, I can’t seemed to find guide explaining how to pass Multiple Rows of data (or should I call it Array Variables?) between DSP Pages.

Please advice. Thank you.

You can re-encode the array as one big string. Then you can decode it when it is in the other DSP. You can use a flow service to encode the array as a string (let it handle setting a proper delimiter). With the result you pass that down to the next DSP. In that DSP, you call your decode, passing the the delimited string and let it return the array you want or have it straight out call the update or insert statement you need.
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Yemi Bedu

I think you guys can answer my question.
I have a value in a variable in a dsp page (a.dsp). I need to display this value in other dsp page (b.dsp) which is called by a.dsp. Please answer me. Iam not able to know how to do this.
Thanks in Advance.