passing a parameter value from one portlet to another

Hello all,

In the past, I’ve successfully created portlet wiring and even used portlet url to pass values as url parameters.

Now, I’m on version 8.0.2 and having hard time passing a value to another portlet on a different page.

someone please help.


Key words: Portlet preferences, url parameters, request params

Got the wiring working.

Put the target portlet in a page and edit the wiring configuration in the page edit mode.

All the other stuff you do before (creating preferences etc) remain the same.

Hi Yoga,

I have sucessfully implemented wiring and by using portlet include I am able to pass the value from one portlet to another.

But when I am trying to open new window using Extended Portlet URL values are not getting passed.

Can you please suggest something on this

Thanks in Advance