passing a parameter value from html page to portlet.

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I have html hyper link which contains my portlet application url including the parameter which i want to pass to my portlet.
When I am clicking on the hyper link, control is going to my portlet but value is not received by the portlet.

Hyper Link: MyPortlet

In my portlet(Home.view) I am calling a web service in initialize method and want to set the “flag” value as input to my web service.

Can anyone help me to get the value from html page to portlet.


try getting this variable through http request and response object in java.

Hi Gupta,

Thanks for you post, can you please give some more information to understand little more clear.


Hi Guru,

How did you identify that the value is not received by the portlet?


I have asked a similar question some time ago, and the solution suggested in this forum is working fine. Please see

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