Partner server


Can anybody tell, what does webMethods Partner Server offer, utility, or any documentation on it?



A partner server is a basic WM server. This may differ depending on licensing agreements. This may also include adaptors for communicating with backend systems, again, depending on licensing agreements. Documentation is the same, see WebMethods Advantage for complete sets of documentation on WM functionality.

Jim Palmer

More info on Trading Partners and Partner Integration Server:

Your Trading Partners will be given access to a special webMethods site ( At this (secure) site your partner will be able to download:

webMethods Integration Server for Partners
webMethods Trading Networks

Your partner will require a Partner Server key for their Partner IS. To get this key contact webMethods and provide your partner’s name (and all contact info…email, ph #, contact
name, & address).

This key will allow your partner to connect to one other Integration Server…(For example the Hub Integration Server).