Paging, Retrieving specified number of tamino records

Hi all,

I am very new to tamino. I need some help with tamino java api with an archiving project.

tools: JSP, Tamino Java API
I need to display a huge range of data from tamino for user to choose.
I am thinking of writing a jsp paging function using tamino java api that display maybe 100 records per page.

I tried the inoid:
1. Inoid
I could use the ino:id to query a range of resultsets. I don’t like the idea as i will need to keep track of the inoid(inoid changes with deletion) and formulate new queries.

Questions: Can i used the cursor function in the TStreamAccessor?
( tried the TStreamAccessor, i keep getting a invalid cursor for an xquery when usig the fetchcursor function).

Is this the right way to do it? Or can someone direct me to some other methods?


Hi Lenden,

Yes, u can use cursor mechanism instead of jsp paging function.

To specify the quantity of records u need to fetch, you need to use “query(query,quantity)” api.

e.g.:-TResponse response = accessor.query(query, quantity);

For the code u can refer to the previous Cursor related problem in the forum itself.