Page layout doesn't modify the adapter

I was changing a page layout introducing methods and other controls, but when I save the changes the adapter doesn’t change.
I tried to solve deleting the adapter, but now I don’t have the adapter, and this doesn’t create anymore. :cry:
How do I create the adapter again? :?:

Every save triggers a rebuild of the adapter, so something obviously isn’t right …

Anything in the logs ?

Did you restart the server ?

I don’t know where are the logs, and I’m working local, I had tried close and open Natural One, but the problem persist.

We have ran into that problem before when editing the XML in a text editor rather than NaturalONE’s page layout editor. I believe there was a bad character between tags that it did not like. It therefore failed to build the adapter on saves. Could this be your issue?

I recommend to check a freshly generated layout Painter logfile. Do the following:

  • Open the layout in Layout Painter.
  • Change something for instance a comment and save the layout newly.
  • In the Ajax Developer Menu: Click on “Show Log”. This will open the logfile.
  • Scroll thru the logfile and check if you find some “Exceptions”.

If you see an exception like the following below, you have used a not valid name for a property. In the example exception below the not valid name is ‘mynotvalid#name’

20120314/080344/456 ERROR with generation addon com.softwareag.cis.gui.generate.XSDGenerationAddon
20120314/080344/456 >>>>>>>>>> EXCEPTION OCCURED: <<<<<<<<<<
20120314/080344/456 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: error: ‘mynotvalid#name’ is not a valid NCName.
20120314/080344/456 >>>>>>>>>> Stacktrace <<<<<<<<<<

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I check the logfile and Ididn’t find exceptions, but when I refresh the layout and save, this message appears: