packed decimal


i want to do validation for packed decimal(p5,2).

iam using EM edit mask iam getting error

thanks in advance

The Natural Help says, that the following should work (but it’s not recommended):

define data local
01 #a4   (A4) init <H'1234567D'> /* packed -12345.67
01 redefine #a4
  02 #p5_2 (P5.2)
if #p5_2 = MASK (NNNZ)
  write 'packed'
  write 'not packed'

It must be MASK(NNNNNNZ), as N checks a digit (not a byte), whereas Z checks a byte for a signed digit (so in total 4 bytes / 7 digits are checked). This check is the only way to check a packed value for a correct value and thus, of course, recommended. What is not recommended, is the redefinition of a alpha string, but in Natural we are used to do this.

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