Package Enabling


Am trying to enable a package,but it s not getting enabled, the WmSAP package is also loaded and its enabled

Export the package and unzip the pakage. o to the corresponding manifest file and remove the line with a value . between the SAP tags. Save the file and zip the package and install the packages and this will solve your problem.

Hi Rajitha,

please check the versions of the SAP-Adapters being used:

SAP-Package refers to older SAP Adapter 4.6

WmSAP-Package refers to newer (& current) version of SAP Adapter 6.5.

They are using completely different adapter design approaches.

Therefor removing the version is not a good idea as it is still looking for a non-existent package.

And most likely there is no possibilty to run the old adapter on the new ISes 7.x.

Maybe there is a newer version of your PO-Package which uses the newer adapter.