Output from tansform into other transform

how do I make the output from one transformer go into the input of another transformer?


This cannot be done AFAIK. It would be very cool if transformers could be chained. But with the current facilities, if something needs to go through multiple transformers you’ll need to create multiple map steps.

Hi Luke:

Out of my knowledge, you cannot map two transformators (the scenario which you have specified)

Ideally, you need to create two maps stages, where you will map the first transformtion ,store the ouput in a temporary variable string and in the second map stage, you can map it to the next transformation using the temp variable value as the input.

Let me know if you have any more problems



Call the transformer steps as regular flow services and chain them the way you want


Transformers can not be chained in a single map. It’s in our training manual! 8)

I think it’s a more than a aesthetic limitation – Say Transformer A (XA) feeds XB and XC, and XB feeds back to XA… Boy, this is almost like IC design! Now let’s talk about unreadable code. Positive/Negative Feedback, race conditions, even a latch! Wow!