OutBoundMap RFC to SAP crashing the BC

I am using OutboundMap on SAP 4.7 BC to RFC to a BAPI on an SAP system.
If I run this in Administrator view the RFC works fine (I am not using any data so I get a 'Idiot! You have no data" error, but the BC stays alive.

If I do the same thing in Developer the BC crashes and dies.
But only if the BAPI called is one that would (if it had data) create something. Eg BAPI_PO_CREATE would crasdh BC but BAPI_ACC_DISPLAY would not.

This sounds crazy - there is no data being transferred so its not a complex integration - I should get a simple error message back. And Admin and Developer are calling the same BAPI on the same SAP system with the same Log in and password. How can it crash the BC on one and not on the other?

Has anyone any ideas on resolving this?


I don’t understand why, but if you assign a null entry to all of the bapi tables in the bc developer, the call then works. This seems more necessary if the sap system is running on unix rather than windows. As I say I dont understand why, but it is a definate work around




this is a bug in JCo 2.1.2. Update your SAP BC to SP3 and this will be fixed.


The results from the Belgian Jury are as follows

Graham, huit point
Gordan , dix point

Graham you are right and that explains why the admin view works and the developer view doesnt - admin sends nulls. Although its too big a job to add an overwrite to every unsued field with null values - its a big RFC I’m using.

Gordan - well done, the SR 3 cleared the problem.

Thanks for you help!