Outbound store -- when broker is unavailable

Dear All,

1.Where do I find outbound document store configuration (capacity) in 7.12
2.what is the physical file system path of outbound document store
3.For how long we can persist docs when the broker is unavailable


Hi All,

Are outbound doc store files get pilled @ IS\docStore File system ? Can someone kindly confirm. If i wanted to change the loc what settings i have to use and where to set those.


You can change the settings here : IS Admn> Settings > Resources > Store Settings

Why do you want to change the location of DocumentStore? Any specific reasons?

Server restart is required for settings to take effect.

By default, the Integration Server saves document stores in the following directory:

If you want to save the default document store in a different location, specify the directory in this field. If the directory does not exist, the server creates it.