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I need to find out the Outbound Document Store location(path) in the file system. we can able to find out the default document store & Trigger doc store from the IS admin → settings–>resources–>store settings.
Similarly how we can find out the Outbound Document Store location?


Check out webMethods7\IntegrationServer\DocumentStore for the outbound doc store!


Hi Akki,
As per the pub/sub pdf & IS Admin pdf, it says that the following directory will be used for default document store.

Default Document Store:
I guess, when we are delivering the doc, then the subscribing IS will get this doc from the broker, and initially it placess to the default document store, then it places to the desired Tigger queue.
we can see this default document store location from IS Admin–> Resources → Document store settings.

Are you saying this same location is used for default docuemnt store as well as Outbound document store?

Yes, that is right. The outbound document store is also sitting in the same location.

Trigger,inbound and outbound doc shore should be under Document store directory.


To be more specific:

Under <IS_Installation_Dir>/IntegrationServer/DocumentStore,

ISTransStoredata0000000 [default size 25MB]|
ISTransStorelog0000000 | - are related to DEFAULT Doc Store.

TriggerStoredata0000000 [default size 35MB] |
TriggerStorelog0000000 | - are related to TRIGGER Doc store.


ISResubmitStoredata0000000 [default size 10MB]|
ISResubmitStorelog0000000 | - are related to OUTBOUND Doc Store.

Thank you Catitto,

Did you found this information in any of the document?


Recently we had an issuse where the IS got disconnected from Broker and publishable documents got piled up. The value for “Current Documents in Outbound Store” under “Outbound Document Store” was showing 5 digit number and also the size of “ISResubmitStoredata0000000 & ISResubmitStorelog0000000” has increased alarmingly, confirming that these were holding outbound document store.

Now as part of health-check of ISes, we are invoking “wm.server.dispatcher.adminui:getDocStoreSettings” and extracting the value for “curDocsInOutboundClientSideQueue” to know the no:of docs present in outbound document store.

Also, a hint from you saying “outbound document store is under DocumentStore” helped me. Details not from doc, which took me here for details.

Thank you.

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